26 March 2017

Affect vs Effect

  These two words are easily confused; they have a […]
26 November 2014

How to Speak Australian: Part 2 – Abbreviations

Australians love to make words shorter and more casual at […]
10 November 2014

How to Speak Australian: Part 1 – Slang

Australians say some ridiculous things. I’ve grown up there and […]
1 May 2014

Do you laugh a lot every day?

I recently went to an event hosted by the Harlem […]
24 April 2014

National No Make Up Day

What make up vocabulary can we learn ? a blush […]
13 February 2014

Come Here…Lover Boy!

[youtube=]   Big Love, a little music and some Dirty […]
5 February 2014

Encouragement Does More Than Correction

    As a parent, I am often faced with […]
25 January 2014

Less Chucking & More Recycling Here is a short video that speaks about garbage […]
23 January 2014

Malala Yousafzai Speaks Out She is an advocate for girl’s access to education […]
18 January 2014

What are the chances?

  “Meet by chance” We talk about ‘Chance’ when there […]
16 January 2014

Happy by Pharrell Williams

What does happy mean? A happy person is characterized by […]
16 January 2014

Sound Confident, Look Good, and Feel Great Speaking English!

  The words “look”, “sound”, “seem” and “feel” are used to […]