EASI Language Gift Certificates

If you are looking for an original gift for someone special that offers an unforgettable experience, then an EASI Language Gift Certificate could be the perfect solution.

Who are they for?

A gift certificate can be the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, Christmas or any special occasion. The certificate can be for anyone with an interest in learning a language. Moving to a new company often means improving a person’s current language skills. This is the perfect gift for them.

How can they be used?

Our Gift Certificates can be used on any of our language services including: on-line conversation lessons, e-mail writing courses, interview preparation, presentation coaching, test-taking preparation, cv translations (con link alle varie pagine). To get more information about our gift certificates, simply fill in our dedicated form or contact us directly and speak to one of our EASI consultants.

How much are they?

Our certificates are available in a variety of denominations from 40€ to 400€ and can be used as partial-payment towards a course of greater value. They are valid for 12 months which allows the recipient lots of time to choose how and when to use the certificate.


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