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Name Email Phone Number
1. My name John.
2. has a car.
3. We got a lot of problems at the moment.
4. I usually drive work but today I took my scooter.
5. Jeremy a lot of questions at the meeting this morning.
6. I hate emails but it’s part of my job.
7. What will you do if she sick tomorrow?
8. It was the movie I have ever seen. I didn’t like it at all.
9. She reminded to send the letter as he normally forgets everything!
10. I was so tired I for 15 hours.
11. Have you ever thought leaving your job?
12. I’ve been reading that book for 2 weeks but I have not finished it .
13. He apologized for late.
14. I was if you wouldn’t mind making a couple of phone calls.
15. There is no point in Anne about the accident.
16. Can you keep me on future developments?
17. I will be on the project for the conference next week.
18. Let me for any inconvenience it may have caused.
19. As as he is the boss, I will not get a promotion.
20. He stopped his taxes last year. The government is after him.
21. I am my car fixed.
22. How much do you think he earns? Come on! Give a wild !
23. I thought you were going to back me at the meeting.
24. We as well tell her we are getting married.

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