17 novembre 2012

About us

about us learning english matters

EASI ENGLISH is a network of driven and caring professionals specialized in language training.

We are determined to add value to everything we do and that  includes making your language learning experience as useful as possible.

Our mission is to help language learners  make noticeable, lasting, and solid improvements in their linguistic performance and to build a wonderful network  that engages, develops, energizes, and retains extraordinary language training professionals.

The goal of any language coaching session is to stimulate spontaneous dialogues driving the learner to communicate with ease and a natural style.

We focus on the positive to reach enthusiastic and confident results so learners can build valuable business rapport while communicating in the language.

Take your English to the next step the EASI way!

4 thoughts on “About us

  • Glad you found me and liked one of my posts! I’m working in small town Alma in Quebec, but am from Toronto and I’m looking forward to your posts in English teaching! 🙂

  • it was great to see Alma Quebec on your blog. I hope the posts are useful for your learners and your classroom. The girls in our network are using their devices in class to share the audio files through LEM mobile. what are your learners like? What’s the average level of English in Alma?

  • It really depends. It’s a small city with only about 30,000 people. I teach at an artsy school and there are highly advanced students as well as others who have a lower interest in English and are weaker. I would love to learn more about LEM – I’m still experimenting and learning also!

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