30 December 2013

Are you sitting too much?

Do you stay mobile at the office?Do you think your […]
23 December 2013

Merry Christmas to All!

A reunion that will touch your heart! “Twas the Night […]
11 December 2013

Video Watch : Say Something

Wonderful song by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera. […]
7 December 2013

Video Watch ‘One Republic-Counting Stars’

  My friend Taline posted this video on her facebook […]
24 November 2013

Support The Voiceless Women Of The World My post today is not about Learning English . […]
19 November 2013

In the same boat vs On the same page

                Last week, […]
7 November 2013

Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?

I was at a conference (WOBI) in Milan this week […]
13 October 2013

Coming out today?

  The Human Rights campaign made a video for the […]
3 October 2013

Video Watch: Water Campaign

Great video with subtitles…good reading practice and great for the […]
23 September 2013

Video Watch: Only the Young

  I have always loved low-budget motion-pictures (i.e. movies) and […]
29 August 2013

A great rap song about Miley and all of us!

  Is there any truth is what he says? Lem..xo! […]
21 July 2013

Ask Task: A Singer

Here is the long-awaited Ask Task featuring Anna Buckley who […]