21 July 2013

Ask Task: A Singer

Here is the long-awaited Ask Task featuring Anna Buckley who […]
5 July 2013

Top Language: She is one sandwich short of a picnic!

  I had a lesson with SF today and she […]
28 April 2013

Video Watch: Settle Down!

Here is a video clip from Homeland. Carrie has been […]
25 April 2013

English Phraseology: Don’t Bug the Beagle

My son, Giako, got a  Snoopy t-shirt at Christmas that […]
10 April 2013

Top Language: I’m a little rusty

  I was subbing for one of our trainers today […]
24 March 2013

English Phraseology: An Italian Easter

With Easter being just around the corner, I planned this […]
8 March 2013

English Phraseology: Feminine Idioms

  Since March 8th is International Woman’s Day, I thought […]
2 March 2013

English Phraseology: Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

Are you a coffee drinker?  I am a tea lover […]