15 November 2013

Are they mere table stakes?

TABLE STAKES! This is another expression I came across last […]
4 July 2013

Business Class: The New Boss

  Let’s review some key phraseology for meetings. This clip […]
19 June 2013

Top Language: Sounds like a plan!

I was watching ‘Suits’ and Harvey used the expression ‘Sounds […]
7 June 2013

Reason for Reading: Post-Layoff Survival Guilt

Here I go again! I am letting my current work […]
29 March 2013

Top Language: Table Talk

This post will be looking at the word TABLE and […]
18 March 2013

Business Class: Keep It Under Wraps

  When you keep something under wraps, you conceal it […]
27 February 2013

Reason For Reading: Words To Leave Off Your Resumé

I love lists like these especially when they contain flagrant […]
24 February 2013

English Phraseology: Winter Bites

It snowed heavily in my town yesterday. As I was […]
15 February 2013

Reason 4 Reading: Convenience vs Inconvenience

I discovered Manager Tools about 3 years ago. I love […]