22 March 2015

I can give you some leeway

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15 January 2015

I’ll call you back.

Like if you have made this mistake before? 🙄 LEM…xo […]
7 December 2014

3 Ways to Improve Your English at Christmas

With the Christmas break just a few weeks away, we […]
18 August 2014

Do you need to get out of your English comfort zone?

Lem…xo! p.s. this post and doodle animation was created by […]
21 May 2014

Learning from our mistakes…The same as

  A recurring mistake that I thought could be useful […]
12 March 2014

Thanks vs Tanks

I read many learner emails & I sometimes come across […]
10 February 2014

Do you know why we can’t say ‘I speak very well English’?

[youtube=] You can share it if you think this was […]