22 maggio 2018
Michael Collard

Ask Task: Running

Interviewee: Interviewee: Michael Collard   Hello my name is Michael, […]
8 maggio 2018

Ask Task: Exchange Program Abroad

Interviewee: Interviewee: Tina Maria Romano Hello everybody, my name is […]
1 maggio 2018
my daughter's first communion

Ask Task: My Daughter’s First Communion

Interviewee: Alessandra Hendry   Hi, my name is Alessandra and […]
24 aprile 2018
Maddalena Campitelli

Ask Task: My Erasmus year in Portugal

Interviewee: Maddalena Campitelli   Hi everybody, my name is Maddalena […]
17 aprile 2018
Sonia's PhD Dream

Ask Task: Sonia’s PhD Dream

Interviewee: Sonia Ingrid   Hi, my name is Sonia Ingrid […]
10 aprile 2018

Ask Task: Mindfulness

Interviewee: Rodger Ricketts   Hi, my name is Rodger. They […]
4 aprile 2018

Ask Task: An Italian Living In London

Interviewee: Veronica Fiore Hi there, my name is Veronica Fiore, […]
27 marzo 2018
network leader

Ask Task: Being Our Network Leader

Interviewee: Crissy Hi there everyone my name is Crissy, and […]
20 marzo 2018
sandra meo

Ask Task: Early Retirement

Interviewee: Sandra Meo Hello, my name is Sandra Meo and […]
15 marzo 2018
growing up in texas

Ask Task: Growing up in Texas

Interviewee: Kristina Lam   Hey y’all….As they would say in […]
6 marzo 2018

Ask Task: Manager By Day, Guitarist By Night

  Hi, my name’s Michael. They’ve asked me to speak […]
27 febbraio 2018

Ask Task: Cami Moves Into Her Own Place

  Hi there everybody, my name is Camilla and they […]