2 dicembre 2012

Learn with us

learn with us

We provide coaching and learning opportunities via personalized distance learning for international business professionals, research scientists, university students and people who wish to improve their English skills.

The image below shows a language learning cycle according to LEM. It’s what we call the 3M system.


A Macro Path helps develop the language when the learner has a target level to reach. This means working on all skills & competencies equally.

A Micro Path focuses on teaching English for specific purposes & this could be related to an area of business (presentations, customer service, emailing, etc.), a linguistic skill (listening, speed of delivery,etc.) or a language competence (idioms, phrasal verbs, etc.)

A Maintenance Path helps language learners keep the level they have reached so far. Without constant practice, we can get rusty & regress very quickly.

We offer Phone or Skype lessons in solo, duo or mini-group formats.

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Drop me a line by filling this form  for more details about improving your English. We can create a free personalized plan just for you .

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Skype: cristina.faita

Mobile: +39 3475032755

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