Affect vs Effect

  These two words are easily confused; they have a similar pronunciation and their meanings are related! Let’s look at them in more detail. Affect /əˈfɛkt/ Verb (in the active form): to have an influence on someone or something; to make a difference to someone or something; The cold temperature affected me very badly today, Leggi di piùAffect vs Effect[…]

Prepare for the First Certificate on Skype

Speak to our FCE experts for free to see if our FCE preparation service is what you are looking for. Let’s discuss your goals and areas of improvement on skype so we can customize the course to your needs. No credit card required, and no risk. We offers 100% flexibility. Buy as few or as Leggi di piùPrepare for the First Certificate on Skype[…]

Conference Call Etiquette

An effective conference call  is a remarkably rare event and most of its success depends on the moderator.   As a participant, these are the rules you MUST follow   1. Choose an appropriate location: quiet with a good connection/reception. 2. Join the call a few minutes early 3. Follow the moderator’s lead and wait your turn. Leggi di piùConference Call Etiquette[…]

Business Email Etiquette – 10 Tips

On average, most people spend  about 25% of their workday going through their email. Everything you can do to make this task lighter and easier will be much appreciated.   Refrainfrom clicking “Reply to All” Seriously, the very few situations in which this is really necessary do not compensate for the hassle it causes when it is Leggi di piùBusiness Email Etiquette – 10 Tips[…]

Listen Like a Pro with English Central

  Watch Crissy perform a practice unit on English Central. Want to improve your listening skills and speak real English? Buy a One Year Premium Membership by contacting us at We can offer a 40% discount coupon just for you! Speak Real English  and Listen like a Pro for only 8 euros a month. Leggi di piùListen Like a Pro with English Central[…]

3 Ways to Improve Your English at Christmas

With the Christmas break just a few weeks away, we wanted to give you a few tips on how to improve your English during the Christmas holidays. We hope these inspire you to be proactive and get one step closer to your linguistic goals! Lem…xo p.s. this doodle animation was brought to you by Crissy…who Leggi di più3 Ways to Improve Your English at Christmas[…]