Ask Task: Crissy Misses Her Hometown Montreal

  Listen to Crissy talking about her hometown Montreal. Hi there everybody, my names Crissy and they’ve asked me to speak to you about my hometown Montreal. First question, can you describe what it was like growing up in Montreal? Well growing up in Montreal was simply amazing. I consider it a cultural hub. Montreal Leggi di piùAsk Task: Crissy Misses Her Hometown Montreal[…]

Ask Task : Aunty Jen Gives Isabella Some Advice

  Listen to Jennifer speaking about her neice Isabella. Hi everyone, this is Jennifer for Learning English Matters. They have asked me to speak to you today about my niece. My niece’s name is Isabella and I’m going to answer some questions for you so here we go.   The first question, can you describe Leggi di piùAsk Task : Aunty Jen Gives Isabella Some Advice[…]

What’s Your Favorite Way Of Saying Goodbye

    Do you want to turn your regular GOODBYE into something more interesting? Leaving a conversation on a good and friendly note is so important to relationship building. Here are a few expressions you can use instead of the boring & classic GOODBYE:   See you soon! Bye, Take Care! Drop me a line Leggi di piùWhat’s Your Favorite Way Of Saying Goodbye[…]

Are you ahead of the curve?

  Here is a prepositional phrase that is good for high performers. This expression ‘Ahead Of The Curve’ means that someone is changing positively before other competitors do. It can also mean that a person is above average and generally performing well in professional activities. Curve in this expression refers to your position on a statistical Leggi di piùAre you ahead of the curve?[…]

A Funny Scapegoat Story

  On The Job My learner and I were talking about people baring the blame for others in some instances and I told her we call this kind of person “A scapegoat“, eager to learn how to spell the new vocabulary, she repeated “escape goat” . She emphasized the idiom by imitating the animal running away. I Leggi di piùA Funny Scapegoat Story[…]

Conference Call Etiquette

An effective conference call  is a remarkably rare event and most of its success depends on the moderator.   As a participant, these are the rules you MUST follow   1. Choose an appropriate location: quiet with a good connection/reception. 2. Join the call a few minutes early 3. Follow the moderator’s lead and wait your turn. Leggi di piùConference Call Etiquette[…]