Ask Task : Jessica’s New Home

Listen to Jessica speaking about her new home

Hi, my name is Jessica and they asked me to speak to you today about my new home.  So, here we go.

When and why did you decide to buy a new home?

Well, we moved in officially in April and we were originally deciding that we really wanted to buy a home back around I think it was December. We had been renting a place for quite a few years and we really wanted a home that was ours, something that we could call our own and raise our family in.

Second question is, what are three things you learned during the move?

I definitely learned quite a few things but three specifics are that we accumulated so many things over the years…junk, you know, collectibles, just so many unnecessary items that this move really brought to light and helped us realize that we really did need to declutter a little bit and get rid of some things. The second thing would be that I really dislike packing and unpacking. That’s definitely not one of my favorite things to do. And the third thing would be regardless of my dislike for packing and unpacking and even with all the stress that that was involved with the move it was all worth it in the end. Now we have our own home that we absolutely love.

And the last question, can you compare your old home and your new home?

Our old home was what you would call a duplex or a town house. It was connected to other homes you know so we shared walls pretty much with other people so they were so close together that we didn’t have the privacy that you would normally want or prefer. We did not have a backyard so our dogs and our daughter weren’t able to really play and run around and it was definitely a lot smaller and it was cramped inside as far as living space. Our new home has much more space inside. The backyard is is pretty big and fenced in so our dogs and our daughter can play and we have our privacy in the house we, you now we’re not connected to other homes and it’s a beautiful home and we couldn’t be happier.

And that’s it. My name is Jessica, with Learning English Matters. Thank you so much for listening

Words in this story

officially- In a formal and public way

brought to light – To reveal or disclose something previously hidden or secret,

declutter – To remove unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded place.

regardless – Anyway

it was all worth it in the end – It was useful or important

duplex – home having two complete but separate accommodations for two families

cramped – Uncomfortably small or restricted

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