Ask Task: Crissy Misses Her Hometown Montreal


Listen to Crissy talking about her hometown Montreal.

Hi there everybody, my names Crissy and they’ve asked me to speak to you about my hometown Montreal.

First question, can you describe what it was like growing up in Montreal?

Well growing up in Montreal was simply amazing. I consider it a cultural hub. Montreal has a ChinaTown, a Little Italy, a Little Portugal and various other neighborhoods that were adopted by the immigrants postwar. I was fortunate to acquire three languages without even studying them. So I was able to speak English, French and Italian fluently by the age of 5 and most of my friends back home speak at least three languages as well. As a child, I enjoyed the winter and summer activities outdoors. So I went skating and skiing in the freezing winter cold but I also liked swimming in the lake at my summer cottage in the Laurentians in the summer. So we basically have it all.

Second question is what are some of the things you can do there?

Well, if you plan to visit Montreal, you can’t miss the view of the top of Mount Royal. It has the most outstanding view of the city center. The biodome and Olympic park are wonderful for kids. It allows them to travel the four different eco-systems of America and they can see the animals and vegetations. My kids loved the subarctic penguins section! Let me think there are so many…a walk through the old port with its cobblestone streets and there’s also sailor’s church that is that’s really great.

What would you say are some typical foods in Montreal?

Well hmm, first on my list and the thing that I miss the most are Fairmount bagels and they are hand-formed, rolled and then dipped in honey water and baked in a wood-fired oven and then you fill that with cream cheese, lox, onions and tomatoes…soooo good. Then, I’d have to say smoked meat, we are talking about large thick slabs of smoked brisket seasoned to perfection and piled high on rye bread and then you sort of add yellow mustard to that it’s a big sandwich. Swartz’s makes the best in my opinion.  Third is Poutine…so squeaky cheese on top of fries and covered in gravy, this dish is best served hot and tastes optimal after a night out on the town, that’s for sure.

So, I hope you visit Montreal soon…you will fall in love with this vibrant city… that’s for sure.

This is Crissy Faita for Learning English Matters.


Words in this story


Hub: a center around which other things revolve

Back home: from where I was born

Freezing: extremely or uncomfortably cold

Outstanding: marked by superiority or distinction

Bagels:doughnut-shaped, firm-textured bread

Dipped:to plunge (something, as a bagel) temporarily into a liquid

Lox: a kind of cured salmon

Slabs: a thick slice of anything

Piled: assemble things laid or lying one upon the other

Squeaky: sharp, high-pitched sound

Gravy: fat and juices from cooked meat


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