Ask Task : An Irishman in Vietnam

Listen to Barry telling us about his upcoming trip to Vietnam.


Hi everyone, this is Barry for Learning English Matters. I’m here to speak today about my imminent move to Vietnam. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Why have you decided to move to Vietnam?

I decided to move to Vietnam because I feel ready for some change, for some new stimulation in my life. Everything I’ve ever heard about Vietnam has always been very positive. The food. Okay, it is rather humid but beautiful and I’ve missed Asia, Southeast Asia on my traveling list so it’s, it’s been on the list, been waiting to be ticked for a long time. It’s also for work. I’ve gotten a job in Ho Chi Minh City teaching English. So it’s personal and professional reasons.

What have you done so far to get ready for the move?

I’ve done quite a few things, some sort of official things. I’ve started the work permit application process. It’s not completed yet but I’m in the process of translating documents, notarizing documents, doing health checks and various things like that. I have bought my flights, which is of course rather important. And also then just on a more personal sort of prepare myself for the move, I’ve been watching lots of videos on YouTube, different vlogs, I’ve been reading blogs online as well about different people’s experiences there, looking at the traffic in Saigon, looking at the rain in Saigon, looking at the food in the markets, the whole thing. Just trying to prepare myself a little bit so that I have some sort of an idea of what to expect when I arrive.

What will you miss most about leaving home?

Well, considering Saigon will be extremely humid, I expect that I will miss the fresh air of home a lot. The stormy weather from the West Coast of Ireland, the Atlantic coast, where the wind gives you no peace at all. I will also miss the long summer evenings, it’s you know, when the sun set is at 11:00 at night 11:20 even, and the sun goes down very slowly. Even when it does go down it’s still bright for a long time and you can go surfing at midnight. I love the outdoors; the outdoors in Ireland is fantastic. I will miss the outdoors.

So that’s the, that’s the 3 questions. Thank you very much for listening. I hope you enjoyed it. This is Barry for Learning English Matters signing off.

Words in This Story

imminent – about to happen, coming soon

let’s get started – let’s begin

stimulation – incentive

humid – moist air, muggy

ticked – to put a check mark next to

in the process of – in the act of

rather important – quite, somewhat

where the wind gives you no peace at all – where the wind is always blowing

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